The Bee Creative Testimonials


I’ve had the honor and privilege to work with Barbara for over ten years now! She has been my go-to for every single thing to do with my business!   She is my brand manager and my marketing specialist. She has created multiple logos for me as well as all my web design, web programming, print materials, custom graphics for social, video creation, and photo editing! She is my secret weapon. I honestly can’t say enough about her talents and professionalism. I’m always in awe of everything that she creates, and my visibility on social media has been impressive and meaningful. As a result, my business is very successful because of everything she does!


Mercedes Cusick LMFT | Owner of Mercedes Cusick Therapy Services

I can’t say enough great things about Barbara! She has taken me from having no website or social media presence to having a killer website and a growing online audience. She put so much time and energy into creating a brand that worked me and I think it’s brilliant! She custom designs all of my printing projects with my branding and they all look high-end. She creates video content that has really upped my game in the real estate industry. She constantly updates and adds to my website so that I never have to do any of that maintenance. I get so much positive feedback from my clients and friends I have to tell them Barbara is my secret weapon! She is always available, and I can’t imagine not having her to work with! I am one happy and satisfied client!

Kim Taveira | Owner of Kim Taveira Realtor

Once I started my own business, I knew that I wanted to work with Barbara. I showed her an idea and she made it into a reality. My business logo has turned into so much more than a logo. It has made it into to peoples homes and has given them something that they can relate to. 

Barbara is a true creative!  Thank you for being you and sharing your true love, passion and magic with us “

Annette Whittenberger | CEO Wild Ride Called Life | Podcaster | Author

I have worked with Barbara over the last two years on everything my small business has needed. I'm amazed by her ability to a few rough ideas I have and turn them into a full blown logo, ad, email blast or flyer. One of my favorite things about working with her though is her enthusiasm and great disposition. She gets me excited about everything we work on together! 

W.T.  | Founder of Photograph Us Project

I  had the pleasure of working with Barbara Carlton-Costanzo for 5 years. Barbara was an integral member of our team from the beginning. Throughout our working relationship, she grew from lead Graphic Designer to our Social Media Manager. No matter what project she was assigned, Barbara consistently expresses remarkable skills and dedication until completed.

As the departments lead Graphic Designer, Barbara was responsible for mentoring the other members of the design team, as well as producing various marketing materials for our largest brands. She implemented successful creative campaigns, owned the development of over 200 page annual product catalogs, updated website designs, produced display collateral for the brands at events and conventions as well as various promotional materials which were critical in driving sales throughout our customer networks.

Former Marketing Manager at Transamerican Manufacturing Group

I hired Barbara initially as graphic designer in our marketing department while the company was experiencing a tremendous amount of change and growth. Her skills and creative style were exceptional and she helped develop some of the most successful and memorable campaigns for our brands. She also demonstrated very strong art direction and project management abilities which allowed her to grow as a leader within the department. Her contributions to the department improved the overall efficiency and quality of the final product which earned praise for her and the team. Barbara eventually was given supervisor responsibilities over the design team and handled project management from concept to completion.  Her effective communication skills combined with her bright and positive personality makes her a welcome addition to any team.


Former Marketing Director at TAP